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Shoe fiascos, evil scales, and needles...oh oi.

…today has been shit.

Mother being her usual self, plus scales, plus fucking massive weight gain, plus needles…


Not fun.

The only part of the day that was amusing was this morning…though that too was my mother being a dumbass.

We’d already left the house, and I was opening to door to get in the car, when all of a sudden my mother stopped on the sidewalk, RIGHT by our new neighbors mind you, and went, “…I forgot my shoes!!!”

Sure enough, she was standing there in slippers.

Now, okay, it’s not like she was going anywhere but driving me to school, so it’s not as if the lack of shoe-ness in itself was THAT big of a problem.


The new neighbors probably think we’re white trash now…peachy. (Of course, though, in a lot of ways I think my parents ARE white trash. And I’m not saying that simply because I can’t stand them; I have valid reasoning to back it up. And trust me – I’ve lived my whole life in WV. I know white trash when I see it. >.>)

It was at least kinda funny though…what on earth possessed her to proclaim that I do not know…

Crazy woman.

Anywho, then school. Wasn’t that bad…though algebra class was certainly interesting. Missy and Whitney M. got into this big-arse discussion with Miss Beeson on birth control. o_o; So yeah, there was a huge debate, and I think just about every kind of birth control known to man was analyzed. I felt so bad for Sabo…haha…he’s the only guy in that class. XD Poor boy. And Chrissy and I kept our mouths shut because I think we’re the only two there that don’t need to WORRY about birth control, lol. (Well, I dunno about Stevie. But she was asleep through the whole thing anyway. XD)

So that was kinda crazy. But, on the upside, I think I actually understand what we’re doing in algebra (…er, the actual lesson, not the birth control XD) and I got all of my homework done in class, except for two problems that were a little different and confused me a bit. Therefore, I was happy, lol.

Mom took me out of Lit about fifteen minutes early so I could change to go to the doctor’s…somehow managed to bring clothes that make me look fat, which didn’t thrill me. (It’s not that I’m conceited or whatever. ‘Cause I’m not. At all. I have NO self-confidence WHATSOEVER, lol. But if I’m gonna bust my ass like I do to be thin, I want to freaking show it off…otherwise, what’s the point?) I didn’t realise the irony of this at the time.

Plus…WHY in the bleeding heavens she did this I DO not know…

She decided to put my toothbrush in the bag too.


Now, may I ask, who in the HELL puts someone’s TOOTHBRUSH in their SHOES?!

Is it just me, or is that kind of GROSS?

She didn’t see the problem with it, either…actually she seemed kind of pissed at me when I asked her why she’d done it. Her defense was, “It was sticking out!” Okay, yes, the head of the toothbrush was sticking out. BUT IT WAS STILL IN MY SHOE. And that’s just fricking gross. x.x *shudders* Needless to say I’m making her get me another toothbrush, lol.

Then, after that my glasses broke, lol. Nothing major – the lens just popped out and was being a bitch and wouldn’t go in right again. I can fix it, but I didn’t have time to then…Mom was already bitching at me to hurry up. So, I just didn’t wear ‘em and couldn’t see. XP (I have the vision of a bat, haha.)

And finally, we got to the doctor’s.

I started getting nervous.

When the nurse came and got me and took me back, I was flat-out scared.

Of what?

The fucking scale. X_x

Yeah, yeah, I weigh myself nearly every day. But there’s a big difference between that and weighing yourself after you’ve just eaten (I ate something in the car so I wouldn’t get carsick, ‘cause I always do, lol) and with all your clothes on. (I ALWAYS strip to weigh myself. I refuse to get on the scale with clothes on.) I KNEW the reading was likely to be higher than what it should be; I knew there were logical reasons why it would be. But I was still scared. Seeing the numbers freaks me the hell out, regardless of why they’re there. >_<

…but even granting that, I was NOT prepared for what came up.


One hundred-fucking-five.


Even if I HAD just eaten and even WITH my clothes, that’s…INSANE.

I haven’t seen a number that high on a scale in…about two years, I think.

And don’t sit there looking at me funny and thinking that 105 really isn’t a lot. It’s a helluva lot when you’re 5’1 (…actually, when they measured me…I’m not EVEN 5’1, LOL. I’m like fix foot and three quarters…sad….), have a really small frame, and am trying to get to ninety.

Sooooo yeah. Mad dieting will ensue. (Although I hate the word dieting, ‘cause that’s not what it really is. I don’t plan to lose weight and then stuff myself with pizza or whatever…ew. More like…mad eating habits? lol)

Not fun, but oh well.

More fun than walking around feeling like a blimp, though, ne?

I basically was spazzing out after that…of course I couldn’t let ON that I was spazzing…then there was the doctor visit itself…I felt like I was taking a sobriety test, LOL. They had me walk around and follow a light with my eyes and crap like that…I understand WHY they do that, but still, I’m epileptic, not a drunk. XP

AND speaking of that…I might not be epileptic anymore. They said the results of my last EEG were normal…I dunno if that means I’m not epileptic or not, but it’s gotta be good, heh.

Buuuuut…THEN I found out I had to get bloodwork done. X_x LOL…I literally went, “…do I have to?” Haha…

Needles suck…lol…and it’s not when they go IN that makes me spaz. It’s when they’re actually IN there…ewwwwwww…it freaks me out. I was actually relatively calm this time, though.

…I think because I was more concerned with my weight than anything, lol.

Yeah, THAT bothered me more than NEEDLES.

Says something, no?

After the doctors visit was over, Mom just HAD to drag me to the Morgantown Mall. At least I got to go in this store I LOVE there, though. I don’t know what it’s called, lol…or even how to describe it, really. They’ve got stuff like stones, and nature crap like that, and lots of Egyptian stuff (statues, etc), Celtic crosses, fountains… Weird, but awesome. I went looking for an ankh, but they didn’t have any, that I saw anyway.

Finally we left there…and then we went home. I started chilling out for a bit (watched American Idol too…Jon Peter Lewis can’t seem to sing or dance that well BUT HE’S SO CUTE. I want to hug him. lol), but THEN major crap happened with a friend, details of which I’m not getting into here…and yeah now everything is seriously sucky. Joy. PLUS my mother is being psycho which I really don't need right now.


*crosses her fingers tomorrow’ll be better*
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