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Sheepie Lolita!

Kya…interesting day.

First: I anime’d out last night, haha…watched Witch Hunter Robin for the first time (and may I add, I LOVED it), Inu Yasha, Big O (first time I’ve seen that too – or at least a whole eppy. I saw part of one the night before too…but I dun really get what’s going on yet, lol), and Bebop. I SHOULD have been sleeping, but…no. XP

Anyway, it was okay, though, ‘cause…

No Pittsburgh trip! Yaaaaay. ^_^ We’re going Monday instead, apparently.

But Mom had to go to Morgantown to see Melisa about something or other today, so I got the house to myself this morning. ^_^ Of course, Mom woke me up before she left, and then I went right back to bed, lol…despite one of the dogs yapping his head off and waking me up again (I went back to sleep…again…haha). I still got up in plenty of time to have the house to myself for a good bit. Lindsey called me, too, and we watched Laverne & Shirley together. XP (Which has become our routine over break, haha. We’ve both always loved that show.) After it was off, we had a fun little chat…talked about everything from Dar (why does he always come up in our convos? Oi) to Gothic Lolita.

Yeah, I’m really getting obsessed with that stuff…I want a Gothic Lolita dress so bad! O.o

This also inspired a fun convo between Chris and I.

Me: *telling Patrick she wants a Gothic Lolita dress o.o*
Christine: ahhh me too O___O
Me: I want one of the little girl-ish ones...the skirt all fluffed out and ruffly but only to the knees, and I'd wear stockings...lotsa lace and crap...only I want it in all black.
Christine: that's very strange
Christine: i was JUST about to say something about that
Christine: lol
Christine: and yeah that's what i was looking for too...
Me: ^___^
Christine: sheepie esp.
Me: YESH. Yesh it is.
Me: (...why did the phrase "Sheepie Lolita" just pop into my head? O.o)
Christine: because that's brilliant, that's why XDD

Hahaha…and she went and drew “Sheepie Lolita” too…oh kiwis. XDD I luff that girl.<3

Also…Patrick is back from vacation now. ^_______^ Yayness! He and I also had an interesting talk…he said something that really surprised me. I was sitting there like “…o_O…” Hehe. It was cool though.

Had a talk with Sarah/Jaina/whatever the hell I’m supposed to be calling her (lol) too. THAT wasn’t so fun. But considering the subject matter…yeah.

Not much else besides all that…got more work done on my site and started that songfic to Echo (though I barely have any done)…

Feel the Sheepie Lolita luff. XP
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