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...Sign Language Land?

Ahhhh….new song luff!

And be shocked, folks – this song’s actually in ENGLISH (as in, NOT JAPANESE), and isn’t matchbox twenty, either!

Gashp. XP

Echo by Trapt…oh kiwis. I’d had the Trapt cd for months, but I somehow never noticed it. o_o But it’s their new single now, and I heard it on the radio today…and nearly MELTED. I dug out my cd when I got home and have had it on repeat a LOT, hehe. I LUFF IT SO MUCH. @_@ Such an awesome song…

Hehe…I’m gonna songfic it too…talked to Mat about it and he gave me an idea I REALLY liked. I’m prolly gonna have a little too much fun writing this. >> And it’s not something you’d expect me to write, either. XP (…though it will likely end up sorta angsty, but hey, it IS me writing, after all. :P) It’ll be cute, I hope, if surprising for me and unrequited-love-ish. Reeeeally looking forward to writing it.

Also got two sections of my site up today…YAY. Happy about that…I want it to be finished, or at least mostly finished, before break’s over.

Won’t get to work much on it tomorrow, though – Mom’s dragging me on a shopping trip to Pittsburgh. x.x Now, don’t get me wrong – I love Pittsburgh. I just don’t love being stuck with my mom for four hours in a car, plus all the hours shopping. Keeping my fingers crossed she’ll be in a good mood. >>

She was amusing today though…she said I’m going to go deaf because of my music, and I shot back that it was okay if I blew out my eardrums listening to Gackt (lol), and she was just like, “Okay, so you and Gackt can go live happily ever in Sign Language Land.”

…that’s my mom. o.o;

Don’t really have time to write anything else, since she’s dragging me off…

Bai for now!
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