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…excuse me while I fangirl.



*runs around in circles*

I just found out today…MOONCHILD IS COMING TO THE US!!!

Found it on Amazon…they’re gonna be selling it here!!

Meaning I don’t have to pay seventy-some dollars for a dvd that isn’t even coded for the States anyway!

Needless to say…

I was bouncing off the fricking WALLS when I discovered this.


…kami. I’m probably going to keel over when it comes out. And if I don’t, I’ll probably sit there squeeing/giggling throughout the majority of the movie. (…literally.)

And it’ll be out in 41 days, not counting today! May 18th!

*fangirl dance of joy*

…can you tell I’m hyper? XP

AND! On another fangirl note!

I got to listen to the Laraku (L’arc~en~ciel, for those who don’t know) song Niji for the first time in headphones the other day. Oh kiwis. @_@

I mean, it’s a good song, but…in HEADPHONES…aiee.

Um, yeah. If you hadn’t guessed – Hyde whispers. >> And of course, whispering in my ear drives me nuts, so I love it in headphones. x.x He whispers a good bit too. ITSSOCUTE. >_<

And I admit…I let out this…giggle/squee thing when I first heard it. o_o And yes, that’s how I’d act if someone was actually whispering in my ear – all giggly. It’s insane. >.> Hah. I love it though.

And on that note…I’m gonna run.

(And probably go fangirl some more. XP)
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