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Mr. Whiskers and Skirtluff

Yes. My new icon does indeed say “Mr. Whiskers.”

Blame Linds. I was talking to her all during gym (since Mr. Starkey wasn’t there) and told her about Wolf’s Rain, and she kept calling Hige that. And since it’s ME, I felt the urge to make a Hige icon, and, well…that’s what was in my head, so that’s what went on it. XP *tacklesmashes Hige*


Kinda quiet day. As quiet as ND ever gets anyway. But~!

I started my day with SKIRTPANTS!

Actually, I wasn’t in so much of a fangirly mood as I was just COLD. So I threw on pajama pants under my uniform skirt, which helped. And made me happy. Because…SKIRTPANTS! <3

[By the way…Angela’s friend Bethany I’ve been talking to? Yeah. I told her about the manskirt and she said she thinks it’s sexeh. XD HWAH. It so freaking is. And I should know. Because I’ve seen two very sexeh men IN PERSON with the much-hearted manskirt. And it is hawt.]

Plus, for some reason, Ms. Morris told Justin M. (not T., not S.) that she’d give him a bag of candy if he wore his (longish) hair in pigtails tomorrow. And he is. And he wanted to know if he could wear a SKIRT. I was all yaaaaay skirt but she said no. ;_; Aww. We need more skirtluff.

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