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Notre Dame Nutcases and J.T. Bunny...

Fwaa...first day of school today.

Before it started, in the cafeteria :: I’m not sure what I expected – maybe things to feel odd since it was my last year and the first day after summer break, but…it didn’t. It just felt normal. (Hah, and that amuses me in itself…nothing about that school is ever normal…) And by the time Chrissy and her sis walked in, I was in a downright good mood. Needless to say I was happy to see her. Celeste came over for a bit too, and I saw a new Asian girl walking around and looking completely lost, so I waved her over to sit with us – there was so much noise I couldn’t catch her name, but she’s apparently in Rachel’s class, and they talked a bit. Chrissy and I laughed over how the seniors traditionally moved to sit on the other side of the cafeteria, but hell if we were moving…we’ve been parked at the same table since we were freshmen, and are territorial. XD (We even joked about how we’d have to chop it up to take with us…haha.)


Homeroom :: Probably the longest part of my day, and the only time I got to see Chrissy save for the cafeteria, the assembly, and random sightings in the halls. (We have NO classes together…how in the hell will we survive? O.o) We just sat in there – “there” being Deacon Thom’s room, as he and Mr. Maurer are our homeroom teachers – for a good bit, getting schedules, announcements, and the like. And of course, talking. I got to talk to Andy for a bit, which made me happy, seeing as I hadn’t gotten to all summer.

“So how was your summer?”
”…I don’t remember most of it.”
“…do I want to know why? XD”
”Probably not.”

Hahaha…he amuses me. XD Thaaaaat’s our Care Bear. XD

Surprisingly, James is back…he left after sophomore year and I was admittedly happy to see him gone because the boy behaved like an ass. Hopefully he’s matured though… And I got worried for a bit because I didn’t see George and thought he’d finally gotten around to transferring, which made me sad…but turns out he was just late, so yay. XD

We also got several exchange students – a handful of boys (all, as far as I know, from Germany) and a girl from Italy. And it turns out, I believe I know (well, know of might be a better term) the brother of the girl. I heard one of the cheerleaders commenting that he was “that really hot Italian guy who went to RCB,” and that just made me go…o_o; I believe he’s the one that was at my homecoming freshmen year…yeah, I still remember that guy even though I didn’t even speak to him; he was just so damn pretty. o.o;;; (Long hair too…bwahaha.) So that was kinda odd/interesting. ^^;

We had assigned lockers this year, and I’m actually pretty happy with where I ended up. I’m at the end of the hallway, with a large space between the (extremely catty) girls and myself. It’s the window, Choi, Felix, and me. I luff Choi so I’m happy there, and Felix is one of said exchange students. And, um…I honestly do hate saying this because I will sound like an airhead and I’m really not…but, he’s very, very pretty. Yeah, I’ll see guys sometimes and think, “Okay, he’s kinda cute” but I hardly EVER get intrigued with a guy right off the bat. In fact, I believe that’s only really happened once before…and I think most of you know the story there, haha. No, I don’t like him; no, I’m not even crushing, but I am intrigued with him – whatever that means, I suppose we’ll find out later. I can’t fall for a guy only because they’re pretty (I’m just not like that), so don’t go looking at me like I’ve suddenly turned into an airhead. x.x; I’d like to get to know him though; he seems nice.

Funny thing is that he’s not surprisingly blonde (he IS from Germany, after all), and I generally don’t think blondes are all that hot. (I just tend to go for darker-haired guys. ^^;) Buuuuut I do if they have pretty eyes and smiles, and he’s got both. Of course, I wouldn’t know about the former had he not sat in front of me in one of my classes – the guy is apparently six four, so yeah. o.o;;;

Anywho, I spoke a bit to him in the hall, but didn’t really instigate a conversation or even introduce myself, really. (There were so many people around that talking was kind of difficult.) I’ll prolly do that tomorrow. And that was about all the interesting occurrences in homeroom.


Assembly :: So, once we were dismissed from homeroom, Dr. Morrison had us all come to the gym, where she rambled on about the school, rules, new teachers, and the like. (It’s so sad…nearly ALL the teachers are gone. Joe, Miss Beeson, Miss Wilt, Mrs. Lacaria, the Basiles are off at Johns Hopkins where he’s getting treatment…) Boring as this sounds, it’s ND, so of course there was amusement.

First off, Chrissy and I were sitting right in front of Jamie. Who ran his mouth the entire time and nearly had us losing it. XD And, one of the new teachers (can’t remember his name) wants to start a new pep club thing, modeled after the Moutaineer Maniacs…and he suggested we could call it the Notre Dame Nutcases, which amused the HELL out of me because…THAT’S JUST SO PERFECT FOR THIS SCHOOL. XDD

Oh, and Uno-Boy was sitting just a person away from me and I wanted to walk over and glomp him… XD I must do that first chance I get…haha.


First and Second Period ~ Honour’s English :: Yeah, my English is two periods now. And actually, this is fine with me. Mrs. Tiano will pile on the work, I’m sure, but I think I’ll LIKE this year’s stuff. (Yeah, I know, I’m an English person, but that doesn’t mean her class couldn’t drive me nuts sometimes. >>) First, it’s WORLD Literature and not American, thank God. And, even better, we’re not analyzing STYLE of writing this time. (I so hated that. I think it’s because I’ve been writing myself for so long, and suddenly having names stuck on stuff I’ve ALWAYS done without thinking just confused me, heh.) Now, we’re analyzing what they’re SAYING, and THAT I can do much better. I even think I’d LIKE that.

The class is a lot smaller now, and I went to take the seat I had last year, at the far right of the room. But, there was no one to fill in the chairs between me and everyone else, so one of the girls called me over and I ended up sitting behind Andrea. Then Ellen decided I was STILL too far away (o_o) and had me sit behind her, and consequently beside Justin S. Which just turned out to be…well. XDD Mrs. Tiano talked for a bit and then let us do whatever, and I ended up discussing Wuthering Heights and Brave New World with Elizabeth Grey.

…until she stopped to inquire as to whether I heard Justin and Patrick R.

Sure enough, they were sitting there performing a duet of Cry Me a River.

Oh yes, she and I were amused. XDD This was only heightened by the fact that NO ONE else besides us even HEARD them, LOL. We just watched them and cracked up; they continued to sing. And at one point after they’d stopped, Patrick detailed his attachment to that song for us. “I wake up in the morning – naked – and listen to it twice while brushing my teeth and getting dressed.” He went on to say that where WE refer to him as Justin Timberlake, he himself calls him “J.T. Bunny.”

…*falls over* XDDDD Kiwis. I don’t even know what to say about that, so I’ll just let it speak for itself. XD


Third Period ~ Computer Journalism :: This might just turn out to be one of my harder classes, because the main teacher (there’s THREE) seems just a bit nutty and entirely too enthused about journalism. And the second teacher subbed for Mr. Basile when he first was sick, so I know her and she seems to like me, but I’d say about eighty-five percent of the student body who knows her hates her. I don’t HATE the woman, but she IS kind of obnoxious. As for the third, I’m not even sure who the guy is; I’m thinking he MIGHT be a student teacher.

Anywho, I have that class with Elizabeth Grey, Patrick, Justin M. (too many Justins o.o), Daniel S., and Felix, who sits in front of me. (And yeah, that’s where I found out he had pretty eyes, haha. Had he not sitting in front of me, I probably never would have been able to notice. XD) Patrick was continuing his antics, introducing himself to the teacher as “Pizzle”… XDD Crazeh crazeh boy.


Fourth Period ~ Assistant (Dev. Office) :: This is quite possibly going to turn out to the best part of my day. I reallyreally like Mrs. Hendricks and like working with her. Whereas none of the other teachers really gave us work, she had me stuffing/labeling envelopes and counting out some fundraiser type-stuff. Which I was happy to do. (For some reason I like office-type work, haha…I’d probably make a good secretary or whatever; I just couldn’t do it for a LIVING.) And she and I talked. AND when she asked what I’d done over the summer and I mentioned the concert, she didn’t look at me like I was insane for listening to Japanese music. XD

She also inquired as to whether I drove and I said I couldn’t really, since we only had one car that my mom used to go to work. She asked then if my dad was retired, and I said no, and she asked how he got to work, then. I was just like, “…oh, he moved out.” My mom would probably give me quite the bitchfest had she known I just flat-out told her that, but what the hell ever – I’m not ashamed of coming from a “broken family” or whatever you’d call it. I’m only ashamed they’re my family in the first place. And anyway, what was I SUPPOSED to say? I wasn’t gonna lie to the woman. And I didn’t see the point in trying to pretty up or skirt around the truth, either.

She asked a bit about it, like when it had happened and all, and I honestly didn’t mind. Like I said, I’m not ashamed of it (if my mother is that’s her own problem), and it’s not like she was being obnoxiously nosy or whatever…Mrs. Hendricks was just nice about it. But, the bell rang and I had to leave before much got discussed.

I did catch myself thinking, though, that if in the upcoming months I have to go to an adult for help or advice, it would more than likely be her. I know that things are going to be crazy here sooner or later; I laid in bed last night nearly crying because it’s got me scared senseless. There’s so much that can and probably will go wrong, and so much staked on it going RIGHT…oi. And if I end up needing some sort of help, I don’t really know who else I’d go to. There’s Mrs. Tiano and Miss Heldreth, yeah, and they’d both probably be willing, provided I could convince them what I said about my family really WAS the truth and I wasn’t just some psycho bitch. (Remember, these people all know and love my mom. ><) But, chances are I’ll end up a lot more comfortable talking to Mrs. Hendricks since I’ll be with her nearly every day. Hopefully things won’t get to that point though.

Anyway. I’ll be in there with her every day save for Fridays when she isn’t there; then I’ll be in the main office working with Miss Sally, which is fine with me too. Worked in there a good bit before and like it, so.


Fifth Period ~ Religion :: Believe it or not, I’m actually almost looking FORWARD to this class. Yeah, Deacon Thom is a complete flake and yeah, he can really annoy me because of it. But, I do like a lot of his takes on religion. And this year he has us doing WORLD religions…meaning, praise kiwis, we’re not stuck in a classroom while he rambles on about Catholicism. He’s teaching us a lot about Native American spirituality, Judaism, Islam, and touching on Hinduism and Buddhism. He’s even having us PRAY in the formats for said religions…how cool is that? Most Christians, let alone other DEACONS, would be all “AGH SIN OMGOMGOMG GET IT AWAY BMUP FO GZUS!!11oneoneone” And needless to say those people get on my nerves like you would not believe. >.> So yeah, I think this is very cool, and I’m excited ‘cause theology rather interests me now.

And, as he’s ALL into Native American stuff, he’s opening a “medicine wheel” thingie on his land and the ceremony is on Saturday. We’ve all been invited, and get a good bit of extra credit if we go. He sent us a letter about this a while back (I meant to write about it in here, but…yeah I didn’t o.o;;;) and I’ve been excited about it from the start. Not for the extra credit – though that’s nice. This whole thing just interests me, and I want to go and see it. Hopefully I can.

Oh, also talked to the girl from Italy for a bit…seems nice enough, though very quiet and shy.


Sixth Period ~ Gym :: This class will prolly suck. But, it IS taught by Mr. Starkey, who I believe is the laziest person I have ever met in my life. His idea of “teaching” is to tell the students to be quiet, or perhaps pass out some sort of worksheet, and then go to sleep at his desk. (Yeah, literally.) So it might be okay. Anyway, Linds is in there with me, and we amused ourselves with Mr. Starkey rambled on to some other people about conditioning, or something. Lindsey announced to me that she would NOT run, and would just tell Mr. Starkey she had leprosy…LOL. I told her to just draw dots on her fact with blue ink to add to the effect. XD She also heard about the latest schemes against Courting Boy, and Hyde’s crazy Joe-dance, which I knew she’d find interesting. (She did.) She also gave me a necklace she’d picked up in Salem MA…a Celtic symbol for well-being. (She got herself and Celeste other symbols.) Ish prettiful.


Seventh Period ~ Spanish II :: Not much to say about this, really…still taught by Mrs. Luna…I still miss Joe…heh.


Aaaand that was my day…here’s to hoping the year doesn’t suck.
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