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"Show yourself, quote!"

My day in a nutshell:

I hate our power company. My dog hates ME. I think my cat is in love with Aragorn. Maggie is a goddess.

And that is all. XD

Now, to EXPLAIN.

So, I was just sitting at the computer earlier, when suddenly, the screen went…POOF! In fact, I noticed, ALL the power had gone…POOF! I sat there and waited for the power to UNpoof itself, but to no avail.

I can’t say I was entirely thrilled. After that last stint where we were without power for a good thirteen hours or so, I’d had QUITE enough of electric outages for some time. And today there wasn’t even a storm. Just one or two claps or thunder. That was it. It didn’t even RAIN. And, from what I understand, my entire neighborhood was without power as well. Joyous. Needless to say, I was just a touch irked at our power company.

At any rate, I ended up going downstairs and gathering up my kitty to take back to my room with me. Now. This is one antisocial cat I’m talking about, folks. She HATES being picked up, and always has. However, she seems to rather enjoy herself lounging on my bed, but won’t go upstairs herself thanks to the dogs, so she has to be carried. She, of course, protested quite sulkily again today, attempting to brace herself against me as though to launch herself out of my grip, and in the process digging her back claws into my chest. I managed to get her upstairs despite this, and deposited her on my bed.

And of course, this attracted the little demon’s attention.

By demon I mean my dog Chewie.

We keep baby-gates up at both of the bedroom doors, so the dogs (…mostly Chewie) can’t go in and wreak havoc. And he was lying outside of mine, staring in happily at the cat and obviously wanting to get in at her, which I don’t think she found too thrilling. So, I hopped over the gate to shoo him away. He wasn’t too cooperative, but I finally got the dog to leave my cat alone.

And a few minutes later he just came right back. This time, since nothing else was working, I just nudged him with my foot to try and get him to move. No, I did not KICK the dog. I just tried to SCOOT him. And he responded by chomping down merrily on my foot. So I now have a doggie tooth-mark on the top of my foot. Yay.

But finally, I got settled in my room with the cat, and got through Chobits 3 (which I’ve had for a while, but have been saving to read)…Chii is so freaking CUTE…yeah XD…and started Deception Point.

Eventually, I looked over, and found my cat rubbing all over my Aragorn stand-up thing. A few minutes later, and she was nestled happily behind it (as it stands in my corner now). From the sounds I heard coming from behind there, I think she was trying to eat it. This cat HAS been known to eat cardboard. So yeah. o_o But anyway.

She stayed there for the longest time. I ran downstairs for a minute, and when I came back up, there she was still…this time with her tongue sticking out of her mouth.

I do not know why.

At first I thought my poor cat was having a seizure or something. But when I leaned down to check, she was purring away, so I took that to mean she was fine. O.o My mom later said she’s seen the cat do that before, and that she’s just mental. XD

Wouldn’t surprise me.

But I luff her anyway. ^_^

Finally, the power did come back on, and I got online…and talked to Maggie.

And this is why she’s a goddess. XD

Maggie: i need your assistance on something
Maggie: with something
Me: what's up?
Maggie: i remember this njo quote but i can't find it in any of the books and i cant remember how it goes exactly!
Maggie: its driving me crazy!
Me: haha, what is it?
Maggie: jaina says it, its star by star or later... part of me thinks dark journey but i dont know
Maggie: if i remember right, she says it to zekk
Me: all right
Maggie: that he was always there... kind of fuzzy at times, oh its something like that... i think jaina says it about zekk...
Me: ....are you SURE this is NJO?
Maggie: YES
Me: 'cause that reminds me of...The Emperor's Plague, I think...
Maggie: it might not be about zekk and i just wanted it to be
Maggie: really
Maggie: it could be
Me: hang on.
Maggie: okay
Maggie: oh crap it probably IS emperors plague
Maggie: i remember now
Maggie: then WHY did i think it was later
Maggie: ???
Me: (After waking up from bacta) "I thought you were a part of my dream," Jaina said. "Kind of distant and blurry...but always there."
~ page 2, The Emperor's Plague
Maggie: WHY? grr
Maggie: yes
Maggie: i believe that is it
Me: LOL...it SCARES me that I remembered that...I don't think I've read YJK in years...
Maggie: but wasnt there some njo quote that she said that made me very happy... it was quite pro-zekk....
Maggie: i should reread them this summer. they put me in such happy moods
Me: *ponders* I still know YJK like the back of my hand, apparently, but NJO...no clue. XD
Maggie: thank you so much!
Me: anytime ^_^
Maggie: you should have seen me hunting for that baby in dark journey! "i know you're in here somewhere! show yourself, quote!"
Me: were you barking at it?
Maggie: only on pages with the jag word on them
Me: Hon, I love you XD

See why she’s a goddess? XDD And haha…that IS kinda sad I remembered that right off the bat…I used to know the YJK books so much by heart it wasn’t funny…and at least some of that’s stuck with me, apparently. :P

I should re-read YJK, actually, just for the hell of it. I have Deception Point to finish first, though. But we’ll see.

At any rate…that was my day. XP
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