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Stolen from meh sissy XP

No, LJ, I am not dead. XP And as proof of my alive-ness, here's a survey stolen from Chris!


[1] name – Julie, Jacey
[2] nicknames – Over 100. (Literally.)
[3] sex - Female
[4] sexual preference – Non-jackass boys. o_o
[5] location – West Virginia…don’t get me started.
[6] age - 17
[7] hobbies – Writing, reading, music, fangirlin’ XD, html even though I think it’s satan incarnate. O.o
[8] statz – Single but crushing. Eheh.
[9] occupation – Resident Angstwad.

* features
[1] eye color - Brown
[2] hair color – Blonde with brown highlights
[3] skin color – Tan-ish. I always look like that, though…I need to go lay out and get a full-fledged tan.
[4] ethnic background – half-Greek…the best thing about it is that I tan REALLY quick. And I don’t think I’ve ever had a sunburn. ^^
[5] height - 5'1…barely XD
[6] weight – Probably around 96
[7] right handed of left handed – Right.

* favorite(s)
[1] movie – I might as well say Moon Child, though I’ve not gotten to see it yet. XP
[2] actress – Dunno. o.o
[3] actor - …hey, I can technically say Gackt and Hyde for this. XP
[4] tv show – Laverne & Shirley, Friends
[5] color – Blue, followed by blood-red
[6] book - Vincalis the Agitator ~ Holly Lisle
[7] icecream flavour – Mint Chocolate Chip
[8] band – matchbox twenty, Laraku, Dir en Grey, DaI, w-inds…
[9] artist – Gackt. @_@ Followed by Hyde.
[10] song - Fragrance ~ Gackt *listening to that now*
[11] video - Hello ~ Hyde….you don’t get any hotter than that. @_@
[12] accent – British…yum. Aussie accents are cute too.
[13] cartoon – Seeing as the only stuff I watched that could be considered cartoons are anime, I’ll haveta say Inu Yasha…though Bebop and Trigun are really close, and I’m getting addicted to Wolf’s Rain
[14] store – Waldens XD
[15] brands – I don’t really care, but I DO love Steve Madden, just because he has cute purses. O.o
[16] quote – haha…
Interviewer: Suppose you had to go to Middle School for some reason, how would you introduce yourself, how would you greet people?
Gackt: I would line them up!! I give them gum.
"'Arizona Green Tea - I fuckin' drink it!' Can't you see that on every billboard across America?"
~Rob Thomas
[17] name – I really dunno. ^^

* ___ or ____.
[1] day or night – Night. Without a doubt.
[2] boys or girls – Well, I’m straight and have more guy friends than girls…but at the same time a lot of guys can be idiots. XP (No, guy friends, don't get offended, I was not talking about you. :P) So it depends, haha.
[3] chocolate or vanilla - *restrains self from fangirling XD* But really, chocolate.
[4] cherries or strawberries – Strawberries.
[5] vodka or tequila – Neither.
[6] benji or joel - …really don’t care, not a huge GC fan.
[7] blonde or brunette – Brunette…even though I have my hair dyed blonde LOL. Technically, I like brown hair better, but I think I look better blonde since brown hair makes me look like a mouse. Being 5’1 can suck sometimes. XP
[8] short or tall – Depends. Short isn’t ALWAYS bad…*glomps Hyde* XD
[9] piercings or tattoos - Piercings
[10] pool or shower - Shower
[11] kiss or hug – Depends. o.o
[12] laugh or cry - Crying with laughter XP
[13] halloween or christmas – Um…Halloween, just ‘cause there’s less “family” stuff associated with it. o.o;;
[14] snow or rain - Rain
[15] summer or winter - Summer
[16] xtina or britney - ….”Xtina” I suppose. They’re both sluts but at least she can sorta sing.

* describe your ..
[1] toothbrush – White and purple-ish
[2] bed covers – Purple and blue flowers…I really need a new one.
[3] pillowcase - Purple
[4] brush – I don’t use brushes; I use hair picks. :P
[5] shoes – Um…well, in the summer, mostly sandals.
[6] pj's – Tank tops
[7] what you're wearing now – Jean shorts, blue tank top
[8] fave pair of boxers – Um, dun have any.
[9] wallet – Hello Kitty coin purse XP
[10] bathing suit – My fave one is orange and red-ish…strapless, handkerchief-type top and little shorts.

* general
[1] best guy-friend – Patrick, Sparky, Mat, Jeremy
[2] best girl-friend – Lindsey, Chrissy, Chris
[3] other friends – Lots. XP
[4] boyfriend – None.
[5] girlfriend – Also none. (No matter what the tATu-obsessive Patrick might try to tell you. >.> XP)
[6] loudest friend - SABO
[7] cutest friend - …what kinda cute is this referring to? o.o
[8] stupidest friend - …um, Sabo. XD But he’s just lacking in common sense more than anything.
[9] funniest friend – Ahhhh I love all my friends ‘cause they’re so damn funny…online – like all of them XD, irl – …pretty much all of them too. XD Sabo’s insanity is downright amusing, Lindsey and Chrissy can be hilarious, and I seem to be constantly laughing when around Justin T. (My mother was in school the other day and informed me that she saw him walking down the halls, swinging his arms around and singing – loudly - I Believe I Can Fly…LOL. I’m SO sorry I missed that… XDD)
[10] dorkiest friend – I’d say we all have our moments, myself included. XD
[11] someone you wanna get closer to – Justin T.
[12] friend you secretly hate - ….ummm none.
[13] craziest friend – ….once again, Sabo. XD And Paul. And Kev….who I haven’t seen online in FOREVER. I miss that idiot…
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