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Hearts to early dismissals.


Haha, got outta school at noon. ^_^

Gotta love lots of rainfall.

Late last night sucked though, as did this morning, thanks to my mother. But, I got to school early and headed into the restroom to attempt do something with my hair and stuff (my bangs were insisting upon hanging directly in my eyes, which makes me feel like a sheepdog, lol)…and then Lindsey came dancing into the restroom, having figured out I was in there. And, yes, I do mean literally dancing. o.o

I dunno just WHAT had her in such a good mood…normally she’s all bitchy in the mornings. o.o But, at any rate, she got me to laugh and it cheered me up some, heh.

And I was actually rather happy to see Sabo during first period, too. I don’t think I got to talk to him at all over break. He’s so funny…lol. Especially when he’s with Chrissy. And we all got to have a little chat, during which I cracked up.

He was telling us about all this crazy crap he did…you know, like driving his car at around 125/135 mph…I just put my hand on his arm and went, “Don’t die.” XP Which seemed to amuse Chrissy.

During the convo, he’d kept playing with his keychain…and after he’d told us about his latest injury (kami-sama, that boy is ALWAYS getting hurt…he badly smashed up his fingers or something like that this time) Chrissy completely and utterly ignored the fact he’d been hurt, and then took his keychain to look at it. LOL. That girl has NO sympathy WHATSOEVER…I love her to death but honestly she could care less about other people’s issues most of the time. (It’s really kind of annoying, seeing as how I’m all empathic and’ll listen to all of HER crap…but it’s kinda funny too…like after I found out Dar was moving to Japan, I was obviously ALL upset, and for good reason. But when I told her about it the next morning, she just had an attitude like, “Oh…sorry to hear that. But you’ll get over it. Let’s talk about my crap now!” LOL. That’s not what she SAID, exactly, but that’s the attitude she had. It’s funny.)

After she’d done that, Sabo noticed her lack of empathy and started making fun of her…said something like that she could see someone get creamed by a car, and her only reaction would be, “OOOOH LOOK! A BIRD!”


Even SHE was laughing at that, haha. And agreed it was probably true. XD

I have the weirdest bunch of friends… XD

Buuuuuut I luff ‘em anyway, heh. ^_^ *huggle*

Actually, I kinda did wanna hug Sabo today. o.o Heh…I’m such a huggy little thing. XP Of course, he’d probably yell at me if I did, but too bad. o.o (That’d be pretty funny, actually…’cause he’s got a helluva temper and he’s a foot taller than me and easily twice my weight, but yet I’m not scared of him. O.o Go figure. LOL. I think I know that he’d never hurt me unless he accidentally ran me over or something – always a possibility with Sabo. He might yell reallyreally loud in my face and shatter my eardrums, but he wouldn’t hurt me.) Then again, he might not…you never know what he’s gonna do. o_o

Didn’t get a chance to, though – he was called to the office second period and never showed up again. Kami only knows where he went.

Anywho…we got let out at noon ‘cause of all the rain and flooding and stuff… *dances around*

Hearts to early dismissals.
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