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Happy Easter...go get the duck tape. XD

Happy Easter, everyone. ^_^

(Or, to those familiar with the Quotes Page, Happy Waster. XP)

Haha…today has been…something.

First, YES, I wore my bunny ears. XP Not a lot though. And we didn’t go out anywhere. But still. I wore them! XP

Also got a card from Dad, which made me laugh…more BS:

”Dear Julie,
Happy Easter, I hope you had a fantastic day. I think of you always and only want what is best for you. It would be great to see you. I Love You, Dad”

…*rolls eyes* He’s so full of it…

But, he did send me twenty five dollars, which’ll be nice when Mom drags me to Pittsburgh tomorrow. o.o

And then…my mother randomly decided to clean out my closet, and she started going through my stuff, which obviously gets on my nerves.

But, it did produce a rather amusing quote.

“I’m not going through your stuff! *proceeds to stick her nose into something right in front of me* What’s this?”

…LOL…what the hell?

But the insanity of the day didn’t stop there.

Then the angst came in.

Mom bitched at me like crazy, and said some stuff that got me really upset…yeah, I’m not in the greatest of moods now.

Plus, she fricking wouldn’t leave me alone…

Once she’d stopped bitching and left the room, she had to find something in a box that was in her room…so she gets the box, brings it in HERE, and SITS DOWN ON THE FLOOR NEXT TO ME TO LOOK THROUGH IT.

What in the bloody world…



Kevin was being all sweet and trying to calm me down because I was upset, and I told him about that…and his reaction…oh kiwis. XD

Kevin: o.o duck tape her to a wall !!!

LMAO…that actually got me to laugh out loud even though I was nearly crying…I luff him. XD

Haha…and on that note, I’m being dragged off…

Happy Easter/Waster, you guys. XP
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