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"Oh, how sexy it is..."

*dances around for no real reason* I get to wear my bunny ears tomorrow…


Haha, and I WILL wear them…hopefully we’ll end up going out somewhere so I’ll have an excuse. :P If not I’ll just wear them around the house, heh.

There was a bit of a fiasco today…don’t think I need to get into the details here. BUT I think things got/are getting straightened out and I’m happy. ^_^

Been doing some thinking some thinking since last night…toying with some ideas. And it’s usually bad when I get ideas, LOL. XP Oh wells.

Talked to Lindsey about it for a bit. (Girl talk, y’know. :P) And, as per usual for her, she had very interesting views on the whole thing, heh. Her views generally ARE interesting…

Gotta love ‘er. o.o

Oh! I re-read the end Courage of Falcons last night.


That was why I read it, actually…wanted to see if I’d still cry. And, I did. x.x;

It’s kinda hard to explain…one character, Dughall, sacrifices his soul to more or less save humanity. Also, the magical group that he’s in – the Falcons – was partly founded by this guy named Solander. He died generations ago, but he invoked his god at his death so that his spirit wouldn’t rest, thinking his work wasn’t done…but at this point, he realises it is, and lets his soul be destroyed with Dughall.

That scene is SO amazingly written, and it makes me cry because it’s so damn TOUCHING…

…and this time it made me cry more, lol. I’d never even liked Dughall much as a character – didn’t dislike him, but didn’t love him, either. But Solander…yeah, he’s a main character in Vincalis the Agitator, and now that I’ve read it, I fricking LOVE HIM TO DEATH. O.o; So yeah. Definitely added something to the scene.

Also found a quote in Courage of Falcons I loved.

Tis focusing upon the character Ian, who fell for the main character, Kait, and had a bit of a relationship with her, but it didn’t work out, and she found her soulmate in another man. (Ry. Who I luff.) Ian still loved her anyway, and was thinking about her…: What he and Kait had shared together had been good, but it was gone forever. He tried to accept that, tried to come to some accommodation with the reality of this world.
He wouldn’t have changed the past, he finally realised. He would have simply made it last longer.

Heh…luff that…

And now to end this entry with a random note and another quote.

The random note: I discovered a new talent today…I can eat with chopsticks. XP Mom brought home Chinese food, and it came with chopsticks, so I decided to try ‘em for the first time – and got the hang of it in just a few seconds. O.o;;; So that was fun. And amusing – Mom kept giving me looks like, “…how are you doing that?” XD

And now for the other quote, from Patrick to one of his friends:

Patrick: you need to hear Fragrance and its sexiness.
Patrick: oh, how sexy it is.


So, who all thinks he’s been around me way too long?

*watches everyone’s hands go up*

Hahaha…yesh, I am a bad influence… *grin*

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